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Standard Gate Valve Lockout GV-01-GV-06

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name: BOYUE
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001,ISO45001
  • Product Name: gate valve lockout
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: red,other color can be custom-made
  • Application: lockout out all sizes of gate valve
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Detail

    1. Material: durable polypropylene for superior impact and chemical resistance.

    2. Usage: place over the gate valve between the two parts and put your lockout padlock

    3. Features: a) OEM Manufacturing Service Supported

                           b) Easily operated, light weighted,

                           c) Resistant to cracking and abrasion.

                           d) Service temperatures from -25°F to 200°F

                           e) Accept up to 1 padlock, locking shackle max diameter 7mm.

                           f) Available in 6 sizes and 4 colors

    The valve lockout is mainly used to lock the valve and protect the safety of the valve. The role of valve lockouts: Valve lockouts belong to a category of industrial safety locks. The purpose is to ensure that the equipment using the valve is absolutely closed and the equipment is kept in a safe state. The use of locks can prevent injury or death caused by accidental operation of the equipment, and another purpose is to serve as a warning.

    Classification of valve lockouts: Commonly used valve locks are divided into ball valve lockouts, butterfly valve lockouts, gate valve lockouts, rotary valve lockouts, and universal valve lockouts. The ball valve lockout is mainly used to lock the ball valve and protect the safety of the ball valve. The gate valve lockout is suitable for the locking work of the gate valve, which can better protect the safety of the gate valve. The butterfly valve lockout is suitable for all butterfly valves of common specifications to lock, better protect the butterfly valve switch and prevent accidental collision accidents.

    Product Parameter

    Part No. Description
    GV-01 Suitable for valve handle 1” to 2 1/2” in diameter
    GV-02 Suitable for valve handle 2 1/2” to 5” in diameter
    GV-03 Suitable for valve handle 5” to 6 1/2” in diameter
    GV-04 Suitable for valve handle 6 1/2” to 10” in diameter
    GV-05 Suitable for valve handle 10” to 13” in diameter
    GV-06 Suitable for valve handle 13” to 18” in diameter

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