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Industrial 25mm insulation shackle safety padlock PL25

Short Description:

Boyue’s compact 25mm insulation safety padlock has two styles, keyed differ and keyed alike, nylon lock shackle 25mm/1 inch, in addition, it is a safer alternative to metal locks for locking applications. The body is non-conductive, and the unique lock cylinder prevents electricity from being transferred from the shackle to the key, protecting workers when the key is inserted. This nylon safety padlock has a variety of colors and labels, and is currently available in Chinese and English.

  • Short description: 25mm Plastic Shackle 
  • Product Detail

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    Product Detail

    a.Durable, light weight with non-conductive PA lock bodies, passed temperature from -20℃ to +80℃, shock resistance; The insulation shackle is is made of nylon PA66, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture no easy, temperature resistance-20℃ to +120℃.

    b.Resistance of chemical, extreme temperatures and UV rays.

    c.Key retaining feature ensure the padlocks are not left unlocked.

    d.Laser printing available.

    e.Several types classified by lock bodies; all different colors available.

    f.Contain “Danger”and “Property of” standard labels on front and back.

    g.Can be engraved with customers’ logo if required.

    h. We have CE certificate, ISO9001, ISO45001 

    i. Key cylinder and keys can be recorded  if required, for further orders just mention the key number to proceed repeat orders.

    j. Our padlock is 12-pin high security, upto 400000 pcs different locking mechanisms available. It’s widely used in chemical, electrical, automobile industry, etc. Lock body material: nylon PA66 Shackle material: steel, nylon and stainless steel available.

    Shackle length: 25mm, 38mm and 76mm available. Other lengths can be customized.Shackle diameter: 6mm and 4mm available.

    WENZHOU BOYUE SAFETY PRODUCTS CO., LTD, as a professional manufacturer, is specialized in producing various safety products such as lockout hasps, electrical lockouts, safety padlocks, lockout tags, lockout kits, lockout stations, lockout boxes, cable lockouts, gas cylinder lockouts, socket lockouts, pneumatic lockouts, etc. Boyue always adhere to a philosophy that each hazardous energy must be locked. To safeguard the lives of every worker over the world with Chinese quality is Boyue’s unswerving pursuit. 

    Product Parameter

    Part No. Description Shackle Material Specification
    S/S25-KA Keyed Alike Steel The type of lock body: A,B,C
    The standard lock body: C
    S/S25-KD Keyed Differ “PL”: plastic lock body
    S/S25-MK Keyed & Alike/Differ “S”: Steel shackle
    S/S25-GMK Grand Master Key The standard color: red.
    Other colors can also be choosen
    PL25-KA Keyed Alike Nylon
    PL25-KD Keyed Differ
    PL25-MK Keyed & Alike/Differ
    PL25-GMK Grand Master Key
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    x (2)
    x (3)
    x (4)

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