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Industrial long shackle 76mm insulation shackle safety padlock PL76

Short Description:

  • Short description: 76mm Plastic Shackle 
  • Product Detail

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    Product Detail

    Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) safety procedures, as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), require that lockout devices be durable and standardized. Lockout devices use color, warning labels or tags, and a physical barrier to temporarily prohibit machine operation or power activation, and reduce accidents, during maintenance or repair. This padlock is just one of many parts needed to safely execute a lockout.

    MATERIAL: Insulation nylon shackle and reinforced plastic body.


    a) Durable, lightweight, non-conductive lockout device.

    b) insulation and non conductive against electric shocks

    c) Standard English Write-on warning label. Other design or language can be custom made.

    d) Key Retaining Feature: key is retaining while the locks are opened.

    e) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

    f) Shackle Length 76mm, diameter 6mm. Other lengths can be custom made.

    g) We have CE certificate, ISO9001, ISO45001 

    Register Key System

    It is important that each employee at a site has a unique padlock key to help prevent duplicate keys from jeopardizing your lockout program. We promise to use different key and numbering for each order if required. Besides each key can be recorded in our programming system so that you can reorder the same key whenever necessary.

    Our company imports steel material from Japan, using durable PVC of high temperature resistance, difficult to be deformed to guarantee the quality. We have good teams to do pre-sale services and after-sale services to solve your questions and problems. We aim to offer high quality safety loto products to avoid industrial accidents, which caused by the unexpected improper operations; protecting from uncontrollable gas release out for machines and equipment caused by other people switch on them; protecting from electric harm and so on. 

    Product Parameter

    Part No. Description Shackle Material Specification
    S/S76-KA Keyed Alike Steel The type of lock body: A,B,C
    The standard lock body: C
    S/S76-KD Keyed Differ “PL”: plastic lock body
    S/S76-MK Keyed & Alike/Differ “S”: Steel shackle
    S/S76-GMK Grand Master Key The standard color: red.
    Other colors can also be choosen
    PL76-KA Keyed Alike Nylon
    PL76-KD Keyed Differ
    PL76-MK Keyed & Alike/Differ
    PL76-GMK Grand Master Key

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