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Plastic Safety Scaffolding Holder tag KT-01

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A.Fitted to all legal access points, the unique holder and insert ensure that the latest scaffold status is instantly visible from the scaffold build stage to dismantle.

B.The holder displays "DO NOT USE SCAFFORD" prior to inspection,then it is used in conjunction with a choice of three inspection inserts: prohibition,standard inspection and load classification.

What is the specific process of scaffolding tags?

The first step: prepare in advance

Prepare to shut down energy in advance. Common energy types listed on scaffolding tags include electromagnetic energy, mechanical kinetic energy, air energy water heaters, etc... and its potential risks. Put the protective maintenance device (safety lock), and prepare to shut down the energy in advance

Step 2: The work of notification

Announce the work done by operators and managers who are likely to be affected by safety protection and maintenance equipment.

Step 3: The work of turning off

Turn off mechanical equipment or equipment

Step 4: Locking work

Use appropriate safety factors to lock the device and lock all electrical energy to turn off mechanical equipment or equipment. When locking, make sure that no one can turn on the main power switch or shut-off valve. Then put a warning sign on the safety factor lock to prevent accidental operation.

Step 5: Inspection work

Check all equipment control devices and circuits to ensure that the mechanical energy is fully protected.

Step 6: Maintenance work

Carry out maintenance according to different equipment usage conditions, if some must be maintained once a month, some are longer...

Step 7: Return to normal operation

When all work is carried out and the scaffold tagging device is removed, please make it clear that all common tools and industrial equipment circuit locking devices have been removed. Please notify all employees as much as possible before showing the mechanical energy again.

Product Parameter

Material PVC
Type waterproof
Warranty 1 Year
Product Name durable scaffolding  tag,KT-01
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