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Safety Electrical Lockout Pouch Tagout Waist Bag TLB-03

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This lockout pouch is light-weight and easy to carry or wear with the adjustable waist straps. You fill it with selecting the circuit breaker lockout, safety padlocks, electric lockouts ,etc. Just Create Your Own Kit !!

a) Made from wear*resisting polyester cloth.

b) Warning sign can be customized.

c) OEM manufacturing service supported.

The lock was born at the same time as human private ownership. Its history is very long. It was in the late matriarchal society of our country (equivalent to 5000 BC to 2000 BC). At that time, with the increase in productivity, mankind began to accumulate private property (a small amount). In order to protect personal property, mankind began to explore locks. At first, he wrapped his belongings tightly with animal skins. The outer side is knotted repeatedly and firmly with a rope. When you want to open it, you must use a "key" made of animal teeth or animal bones to open the knot layer by layer. This is the prototype of our country's most primitive lock and key. In the Yangshao culture period of 3000 BC, our ancestors created wooden locks mounted on wooden frame buildings. This is the oldest lock in our country and in the world, and it can be called the "world's first lock". Later, with the development of society and the improvement of productivity, locks of different materials and shapes, such as brass locks, iron locks, silver locks, and jade locks, were created, and the craftsmanship became higher and higher. The amount of locks in our country also ranks first in the world. As a Chinese, especially colleagues in the lock industry, we should all feel honored and proud.

Product Parameter

Product Name Safety Waist Bag
Material Made from water resisting polyester cloth.
Size 200mm(L)*130mm(H)*55mm(W)
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