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Boyue PVC Inspection Tags Lock Out safety Tags LT01-06

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Product Detail

Product Tags

Lockout Tagout

Our equipment locked out pvc tag indicates who is responsible for placing a lockout device and who is authorized to remove it or make changes to it.

The safety lockout tags are printed on both sides, making sure the vital information is always visible.

Reverse Legend: Caution! To be removed by authorized personnel only, with date, name, company and remarks information, which can

be written by PVC lockout pen. Other wording and design can be custom made.

The dimension of this lockout tagout tag : 75×146mm.

The lock-out and tag-out system works in accordance with the principle of personal padlock and the keys that operators can use to lock machinery and equipment or control. When workers may face danger in use, they cannot operate. Usually used in equipment maintenance, this simple and reliable mechanical method can improve personal safety. Locking and tagging are the minimum standards that operators must comply with during production operations and are also the minimum standards for safe production. They are usually only suitable for working environments that are not particularly dangerous. Usually before using the lock and tag, we often use the following 5 steps to make a risk assessment.

Step 1: Identify risks

Step 2: Identify who might be harmed and how to be harmed

Step 3: Assess risks and take preventive measures

Step 4: Record your findings and implement

Step 5: Evaluation and update

Product Parameter

Material PVC
Size 146*75MM
Hole diameter 9MM
Description Equipment locked out pvc tag
Promotion Can offer sample,order discounts are offered depend on quantities
Design ability Can be engraved with customer's Logo and OEM&ODM service
Packaging 10PCS into a PE bag,export standard carton

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