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Adjustable Steel Cable Lockout AC-03

Short Description:

  • Cable diameter: 3.8mm.
  • Color: Red
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    Product Detail

    Safety cable lockout provide solutions for locking out gate valves, handles and other oversized devices. Many of these devices work by simply squeezing the handle to tighten the cable and then inserting the padlock to secure and hold the cable in place. They are available in sheathed metal cable or non-conductive nylon cable. Lockout cables come in a variety of sizes and have superior chemical, corrosion and temperature resistant properties.

    a) Made from industrial durable nylon with insulation coated stainless steel rope in red, other color can be customized.

    b) Designed to effectively lock out a variety of isolation points, including gate valves, "T" handle valves, electrical disconnects, and so on.

    c) Different cable length available.

    d) Normal cable length is 2.0 meter, 3.8 mm diameter. Other sizes can be customized. The outer layer of the cable is made of UV resistant PVC.

    e) Comes with a lockable handle for easy use.

    The cable lockout is suitable for locking large or linked gate valve hand wheels, and can also be applied to switchboards and switch boxes. The steel cable lock shell is made of PC or ABS material, which has the advantages of impact resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, etc., and can be used for a long time in an environment of -35°C to 85°C.

    Product Parameter

    Product Name steel cable lock
    Material nylon and stainless steel
    Color red
    Usage Masterlock multipurpose security cable lockout
    cable length 2.0m and other length ok
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