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Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout CB-07 CB-08 CB-09

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name: BOYUE
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001,ISO45001
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Red
  • Usage: For locking 480V-600V circuit breakers
  • Warranty: 1year
  • Type: Lockouts
  • Application: Industry
  • Suitable for: Widely Usage
  • Product Detail

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    Product Detail

    1.Material: rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon

    2.Usage: large circuit breaker lockout are easy to install using patented thumbscrew design, no screwdrivers needed.

    3.Product features:simply tighten lockouts securely onto switch tongue,pull cover over thumb screw and lock cover to prevent clamp from being loosened.

    4.The lockouts can take padlocks with a shackle diameter up to 7mm.

    a. Made of sturdy polypropylene PP and high-strength modified nylon PA materials.

    b. Wide range of applications-suitable for various medium-sized molded case circuit breakers with built-in trips.

    c. Use the special-shaped screw to fix the lock on the switch handle, and then fasten the cover to the special-shaped screw to lock it so as not to loosen.

    d. Brand-new blade type design, less force on special-shaped screws, but tightly combined.

    e. The detachable splint (included) further expands the scope of application.

    f. A lock with a maximum diameter of 7mm in the lock beam can be used. g. The base can easily clamp the bottom of the lock body.

    h. The slidable long splint can ensure that the circuit breaker is locked.

    Product Parameter

    Part No. Description
    CB-07 120/277V clamp-on
    CB-08 480/600V clamp-on
    CB-09 480/600V switches up to 2 1/4'' wide and 7/8'' thick
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    z (4)
    z (5)
    z (6)
    z (7)

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