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What is the Difference Between a Safety Padlock and a Normal Lock?

Since the name of the safety padlock is different from the ordinary padlock, there are naturally many differences in use, so what is the difference between this padlock and the ordinary lock? First, the purpose of its use varies widely. The use of safety padlocks is for warning, not for anti-theft, while ordinary locks are for anti-theft. But it should be noted that although this padlock is not for anti-theft, its own initiative is more important than ordinary locks.

Moreover, when users use safety padlocks, the production materials are also very different. Ordinary locks are made of metal materials. Such locks are naturally durable. And padlocks are mostly made of abs material. Although the hardness of this material is difficult to compare with metal, it has better anti-corrosion ability in use, which can make it have a longer service life and greater convenience in use. Of course, different manufacturers will have some differences in their materials, because the same abs material also has its quality differences.

 safety padlock

And the way the locks are opened varies greatly. If it is an ordinary lock, it is also unlocked with a key when it is opened, without any series connection in the middle, but the padlock is different. It can be customized according to user requirements, or it can be unlocked with a key, or unlocked with permission restrictions, etc. It is difficult to compare with ordinary locks. Because of this, this kind of padlock has higher requirements on the manufacturer, and because of this, when users choose this kind of padlock, they need to make a careful choice for the manufacturer.

Post time: Mar-13-2023

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