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What is the function of the lockout tag-out

In the production process of an enterprise, the door lock also has its own importance. What role does it play? First of all, in the current industrial age, there are often multiple people operating a machine. But when the machine needs cleaning or inspection. There is no guarantee that everyone will know. Without such locking and tagging, other people’s wrong operations may occur, causing great harm to the people who are maintaining and cleaning, so it is the first to play such a role.

Because all the energy is cut off when the machine is locked, it is naturally impossible to open the machine, so it can give the mechanic a good protection. Now it is also a large machine. It is difficult for others to see when the maintenance personnel are preparing. If it is a wrong operation, it may be very dangerous. Therefore, this is the aspect that users most need to pay attention to. In addition to the above, tags can also play a corresponding warning.


In some cases, it is necessary to stay away from the scene, and just use human management, and the cost will naturally increase. With the lock and tag, simply hang a tag to meet this requirement. Because it is about safe production, when choosing this product, you should choose a regular manufacturer. Only the formality of the factory can have its own formality in the production of products. Locked products have higher technical content. Because the tag-out products can reach the corresponding standardization, so in the process of purchasing this product, we must not only pay attention to its price.

Post time: Nov-01-2021

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