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The function of the safety cable lockout

The safety cable lockout is a representative product of safety precautions in industrial places. It is a safety lock product with advanced structure, convenient use, strong reliability and long service life. After the power source is cut off, lock and tag the power supply of the equipment to keep the power supply line in a safe state to prevent someone from accidentally starting or disconnecting, causing personal injury or death.


cable lockout 

 Security cable lockouts also serve as warnings, and isolation points are locked and marked to let others know not to disarm the isolation device. To emphasize the last step above, among other steps, the entire process can be referred to as lock, tag and try (ie, attempt to open the isolation device to confirm that it is powered off and inoperable). The National Electrical Code states that safety/maintenance disconnects must be installed within line of sight of serviceable equipment. Safe disconnecting and tagging out the power source ensures that the equipment can be isolated and less likely to be powered back on if anyone sees work in progress. These safety disconnects usually have multiple locked positions so that more than one person can safely operate the equipment. In industrial processes, it is difficult to determine where the appropriate source of hazards is. For example, a food processing plant can have input and output tanks and high-temperature cleaning systems connected, but not in the same room or area of the plant. In order to effectively isolate a piece of equipment for use (the equipment itself is used for power, upstream feeders, downstream feeders, and the control room), it is not uncommon to have to visit several areas of the plant. The use of safety cable locks greatly improves the safety of related power sources of production equipment and ensures the safety of personnel.


  There are many types of safety cable locks, but they are all preventive in nature. A common feature of the different types of safety cable lockouts is their bright color, usually red, to increase visibility and allow workers to easily see the equipment. Is it isolated.

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