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Introduction to the Characteristics and Uses of Valve Locks!

1. The valve lock is easy to install and operate, and is convenient to use. It is specially made from industrial production grade stainless steel plates and polyester raw materials.

2. Durable. Excellent great white shark tooth clamping structure,

3. The clamp of the gate valve is more compact and firmer.

4. With complete functions, it can lock gate valves of common specifications and models at oblique angles.

5. The flexible design plan of the arm, the safety factor can be improved more accurately.

6. With good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and solubility resistance, it can be used in a variety of extreme natural environments

valve lockout

Main uses of valve lock products: 1. Butterfly valves used in crude oil, chemical plants, and industrial production pipeline systems.

2. Used for safety protection butterfly valves of pipeline systems in government departments such as water conservancy engineering, electric power engineering, and municipal engineering.

3. Used for the safety protection of butterfly valves in large and medium-sized pipeline systems such as the pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, steel, beverages, etc.

4. Butterfly valves used in the safety maintenance of pipeline systems such as construction industry, commercial service residential quarters, home housing plumbing installation and interior decoration.

5. Applicable to all other pipeline systems, such as butterfly valves and safety protection equipment.

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