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Definition of Safety Padlock

Safety padlocks are often used on equipment in industrial production workshops. It is a branch of locks. The safety padlock is to keep the power module of the device in an absolutely safe environment. It can ensure that the power module of the device will not be turned on by non-workers when it is turned off. In addition, the safety padlock also has a warning effect. For example, we usually see fire extinguishers placed in public places. These fire extinguishing equipment are locked in a transparent glass box by a safety padlock. At this time, the safety padlock does not play a role in preventing theft. It serves as a warning to warn others. Do not touch the fire extinguishing equipment when there is no fire! This is very different from the locks we use in our daily life, which mainly play a role of anti-theft!

safety padlock 

The safety padlock originally originated in the United States. At first, it was used when electrical equipment needed repair, maintenance, and cleaning. start up! Protect the life safety of staff. What we need to note here is that the safety padlock is only used to protect the power supply from being started, and does not have the function of disconnecting the power supply. Therefore, when we lock the electrical equipment, we must ensure that the power supply can only be locked when the power supply is completely disconnected, otherwise there will be danger.

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Post time: Jan-03-2022

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