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Circuit Breaker Lockouts Play an Important Role

The circuit breaker lockout is to protect the circuit breaker from being opened or operated by others by mistake. In addition, let’s discuss that the circuit breaker lockout plays a very important role in the enterprise, and is linked to the safety of the enterprise’s personnel and property. The application of the circuit breaker lockout can complete the warning and maintenance, and reasonably deal with the safety hazards of the isolating switch products. Due to the dangerous factors of the isolating switch product, if it is accidentally turned off or touched, it may pose a threat to the safety of the company’s personnel and property, and even cause accidents, seriously affecting the company’s production and destroying the safety of the company’s operator’s property.

circuit breaker lockout

The application of the circuit breaker lockout can lock the isolating switch product, completely solve the potential safety hazard of the accident, and eliminate the risk from the source. The structure of the isolating switch product is purposeful and innovative. Its overall design is an isolating switch product, and an excellent structural design is selected to make the circuit breaker lockout product compact in structure, small in size and light in weight.

Post time: Dec-19-2022

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