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The Material and Function of Circuit Breaker Lockout

The circuit breaker lockout is a kind of safety lock used on the isolation switch. It involves the safety level, so the raw material level is also relatively critical. Let’s take a look at what kind of raw material the circuit breaker lockout is made of?

 circuit breaker lockout

The raw material used for circuit breaker lockouts is plastic. Many customers will be very chilled when they see locks made of plastic, because plastic is very easy to be damaged due to a large range and is also very vulnerable to environmental hazards. If you are a customer of this kind of insight, then the circuit breaker lockout will let you know that high-quality plastic is not comparable to metal materials. The plastic selected for this product is not just pure plastic. It’s just that this kind of plastic that has undergone unique production and processing needs to have a higher compressive strength than ordinary metal products, which will definitely reassure customers of every application. And the service life of high-quality plastic is definitely higher than that of metal locks. Since metal materials are very easy to be corroded by precipitation and rust, etc., the service life is very problematic. Looking back, the circuit breaker lock is made of plastic, so the harm of water to this product is very small.

The circuit breaker lockout is to maintain the circuit breaker to prevent others from opening it or being mistakenly operated by others. What other key functions are there? Let’s take a look below. In fact, the circuit breaker lockout has a very critical role in the enterprise, and is linked to the safety of the company’s staff and assets. The application of the circuit breaker lockout can complete the role of warning and maintenance, and reasonably deal with the potential safety hazards of isolating switch products. Due to the danger of isolating switch products, if they are accidentally turned off or touched, it is likely to cause threats to the safety of enterprise staff and their funds, and even lead to safety accidents, which will seriously endanger the safety of enterprises, manufacturing, in addition to the destruction of the assets of the business operator.

Post time: Jul-25-2022

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