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Safety lockout manufacturer–Wenzhou Boyue Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to safety lockout equipment. The company advocates the safety concept of “prevention and safety first, and locking safety as supplement”, specializing in the production of engineering safety padlocks and safety lockout hasps, valve lockouts, circuit breaker lockouts, cable lockouts, scaffold tags and lockout stations, etc.

The safety lockout products produced by Wenzhou Boyue are sold at home and abroad, with customers covering petrochemicals, power electronics, biomedicine, food production and logistics transportation, construction and installation, mechanical processing and other industries, professionally serving major and medium-sized enterprises in the world. The company strives to learn from the advanced manufacturing levels and concepts of the same industry in the world, not only focusing on the development and manufacturing of new products, but also focusing on product quality.

Our most popular product is safety padlock, because of its good quality and performance, it has attracted a large number of high-quality customers. Safety padlocks are a type of safety locks. Safety locks are usually divided into safety padlocks, electrical switch lockouts, electrical plug lockouts, circuit breaker lockouts, valve lockouts and cable lockouts, etc. Usually safety padlocks are used together with other safety locks. Safety padlocks can be used alone, but other safety locks cannot. Therefore, safety padlocks are widely used and the market demand is also very large.

The appearance of the safety padlock is similar to the ordinary civilian padlock, but there are many differences between the safety padlock and the ordinary civilian padlock.

Safety padlocks are generally made of ABS engineering plastics, while civil padlocks are generally made of metal;

The main purpose of safety padlocks is to warn and not to prevent theft, and the main purpose of ordinary civilian padlocks is to prevent theft;

The lock shackle of the safety padlock cannot be opened automatically and has the function of retaining the key, while the ordinary civilian padlock is just the opposite;

Ordinary civilian padlocks are generally a lock with a key, while safety padlocks can be equipped with multiple keys, which are divided into management locks and ordinary locks;

Safety padlocks are often exposed to acid and alkali environments and require special treatment, while ordinary civilian padlocks are usually not used.

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