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How to Ensure Safety in the Hasp Lock Stamping Workshop

I used to work as a workshop worker in 2 small and medium-sized enterprises. The first is an assembly workshop and the second is a hasp lock stamping workshop. It should be said that it only needs to be a manufacturing workshop, whether it is an assembly workshop or a hasp lock stamping workshop. Safety production problems are the first to be avoided. The first assembly workshop I have done mainly considers the safety of lifting, argon arc welding machine, and electricity consumption; while the hasp lock stamping workshop has high-speed punching machines, CNC grinding machines, electricity consumption, and small and medium-sized production equipment, etc, whose security is taken into account.

It is always unclear where and when safety production accidents will occur. Company managers and operating staff can only use scientific research methods and rules and regulations to formulate standards and prevent safety accidents. Therefore, it is very important to do regular inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment on time.

lockout hasp 

The key to safe work in the hasp lock stamping workshop includes:

1. Strictly abide by various safety operation technical specifications.

2. Always conduct safety education, do a good job in weekly meetings, and regularly carry out careful rectification to eliminate potential safety hazards.

3. Implement “safety first, prevent problems before they happen”.

4. Wear labor protection articles in accordance with regulations, and conscientiously implement production safety.

5. Special operation personnel should hold a special operation certificate to enter the post.

6. Apprentices and other students should be guided by the teacher and cannot operate alone.

7. Even if the production and testing records are filled out, they should be carefully checked after the shift, cleared on the spot, and the windows and doors should be closed. The key raw materials should be strictly managed to prevent loss.

8. Other technical staff or non-equipment staff are prohibited from operating machinery and equipment.

9. For key machinery and equipment (such as CNC machine tool management center), full-time personnel management methods are required, environmental sanitation is cleaned up, and destruction is prohibited.

Post time: May-23-2022

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